Practical and creative tools

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The Inclusion Wheel

A tool to guide strategic discussion for all science centre practitioners to enable organisation-wide reflection- a powerful tool for change. 

Reflection Journal

A tool for reflective practice and to gather participant data 

Colour-in mood characters

An engaging and fun way to consider and express emotions and involvement in sessions 

The Equity Compass

The Equity Compass is a reflection tool for supporting socially just practice. It is proving to be a useful tool within Informal Science Learning settings.  

Science Capital Anti-forms

Tools to gather metrics/demographic data (ages, gender, postcode data) from participants as well as information about future aspirations and elements that link with science capital. 

Attitudes to space science: before and after postcards

This tool allows practitioners to capture the impact of their interventions. Implemented both before and after an intervention it aimed to measure students’ attitudes towards space science in the project ‘Our Space our Future’ but can be adapted for wider science areas. 

Connection to Science tool

A simple tool to understand whether participants feel a connection to science, whether they feel that science is something ‘for them’. 

Science Museum Group Engagement Measures

The Science Museum Group align their evaluation with the Group’s core priority to grow science capital in individuals and society. The indicators they use are called Science Engagement measures (SEM). They were designed to capture evidence of science engagement, which are observable and measurable, and adhere to good science capital led practice. 

Impact & Insight Toolkit (Counting What Counts)

The Impact & Insight Toolkit (Counting What Counts) is free to use for ACE funded organisations and provides arts and cultural organisations with a shared approach to evaluating the impact of their work on the people who experience it.